Carrot Stick

Topics: Roman Catholic Church, Canada, Carrot on a stick Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Carrot and Stick (also "carrot or stick") is an idiom that refers to a policy of offering a combination of rewards and punishment to induce behavior. It is named in reference to a cart driver dangling a carrot in front of a mule and holding a stick behind it. The mule would move towards the carrot because it wants the reward of food, while also moving away from the stick behind it, since it does not want the punishment of pain, thus drawing the cart. Some claim that this usage of phrase is erroneous, and that it in fact comes from the figure of a carrot on a stick. In this case, the driver would tie a carrot on a string to a long stick and dangle it in front of the donkey, just out of its reach. As the donkey moved forward to get the carrot, it pulled the cart and the driver so that the carrot would always remain out of reach. The earliest citation of this expression recorded by the Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary is to The Economist magazine in the December 11, 1948, issue.

It is a policy offering a combination of rewards and punishment to induce behavior. The carrot and the stick approach were different approaches used by the British when they got control of Quebec after the Seven Year's War. They knew that right now they were outnumbered by the Canadians, so they had to be careful about how they would decide to keep them from rebelling, yet still enforce laws. The Stick Approach: The stick approach was an approach which used force and aggression. This approach would not give the opposition a chance to rebel because in a way it was a threat. A supporter of this harsh approach was the British Colonial Secretary, Earl of Shelburne. For example, if the British planned to use this approach on the Canadians, they would: restrict the Roman Catholic religion, send all French government and church officials back to France, give the entire control of the fur-trade to the British merchants, not allow the Roman Catholic practitioners to take part in the...
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