Carrier Planning Report for Mba Student

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Sec- B, Sem-IV

A Career has been defined as the sequence of a person's experiences on different jobs over the period of time. It is viewed as fundamentally a relationship between one or more organizations and the individual. A career is a sequence of positions/jobs held by a person during the course of his workinglife. Many of today's employees have high expectations about their jobs. There has been a generalincrease in the concern of the quality of life. Workers expect more from their jobs than justincome.

A further impetus to career planning is the need for organizations to make the best possible use of their most valuable resources the people in a time of rapid technologicalgrowth and change.Career planning as a concern is of recent origin. The reason for thislack of concern regarding career planning for a long time has been the careless,unrealistic assumption about employees functioning smoothly along the right lines and the belief that the employees guide themselves in their careers.

Modern personnel administration has to be futuristic, it has to look beyond the present tasks,since neither the requirements of the organization nor the attitudes and abilities of employeesare constant. It is too costly to leave career to the tyranny of time and casualty of circumstances, for it is something which requires to be handled carefully through systematization and professional promoting. Fortunately, there has lately been someappreciation of the value of career planning and acceptance of validity of career development as a major input in organizational development. Career Planning aims at identifying personal skills, interest, knowledge and other features;and establishes specific plans to attain specific goals.

Aims and Objectives of Career Planning

Career Planning aims at matching individual potential for promotion and individualaspirations with organizational needs and opportunities. Career Planning is making sure thatthe organization has the right people with the right skills at the right time. In particular itindicates what training and development would be necessary for advancing in the career altering the career path or staying in the current position. Its focus is on future needs andopportunities and removal of stagnation, obsolescence & dissatisfaction of the employee.


•To attract and retain the right type of person in the organization. •To map out career of employees suitable to their ability and their willingness to betrained and developed for higher positions. •To have a more stable workforce by reducing labour turnover and absenteeism. •It contributes to man power planning as well as organizational development andeffectiveachievement of corporate goals. •To increasingly utilize the managerial talent available at all levels within theorganization. •It helps employee in thinking of long term involvement with the organization. •To provide guidance and encourage employees to fulfill their potentials. •To achieve higher productivity and organizational development. •To ensure better use of human resource through more satisfied and productiveemployees. •To meet the immediate and future human resource needs of the organization on thetimely basis.


•Desire to grow and scale new heights.
•Realize and achieve the goals.
•Performance measure.
•High employee turnover.
•To educate the employees
•It motivates employees to grow.
•It motivates employees to avail training and development. •It increases employee loyalty as they feel organization care’s about them.


In fact both individuals and the organization are going to benefit from career planning anddevelopment.

#For Individuals

1. The process of career planning helps the individual to have the knowledge of variouscareer opportunities,...
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