Carrier Education Plan

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The porpuse of having a carrier education plan is knowledge , My goal is to finish my carrier because in the future I want to be a physical chiropractic and possibly professional soccer player, through out school 'll be able to achieve that and more. I want to study and play in a university. exclusively to learn about the carrier im pursuing. The day I began thinking about my future, I didn't have a clue how to start, or what steps would lead me to be a succesfull person. The only thing I had in mind was continuing with college education. specially because of soccer I'm encourage to stay in school that is why i choose to be a physical therapist because i want to work for a professional soccer team, I would like to meet many soccer stars. right now I want to be a succesful college student, I'm always ready to learn and work, thesecould be essential habits to do well in school. In addition to my success is motivation, time management and more important of all is hard work.It was my interested to go to school beacuse I'am the first person in my family to attend to college here in the usa, also I wanted to join the soccer team. Sports have motivated me the most, especially soccer. Through this i'm eligable to continue with my studies, I'm motivated because I want to acquire an athletic scholarship offered by the four-year colleges and universities. This is why I push myself to become someone important in life. Although this would be an opportunity to be a professional soccer player. I need to be good academically and mentally focused so that I can get dreafted to the MLS. When the first quarter of college began I had to esctablish a way to manage my time so I could be on time for school. I had to work, practice almost everyday and be ready for class. I was often late to class; it's hard especially when you have to be at three places and be on time, knowing that you have to work so hard tires me, and things can get really stressful....
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