Carrie by Stephen King

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  • Published : September 21, 2008
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In Stephen King’s raw and fascinating novel Carrie, the author exercises vivid details, creates striking characters, and includes a suspenseful plot. This is what keeps the reader interested and horror-struck. An example of vivid details is on page 123 where the author describes Carrie’s prom dress. “The dress itself was nearly floor length. The skirt was loose, but the waist was snug, the material rich and unfamiliar against her skin, which was used to only cotton and wool.” This excerpt is significant to the story because it was the dress Carrie wore on prom night, the night that she started the fires and killed many people in the town. She did this because the students at her school pulled a humiliating prank on her at the prom, and it was the last straw for her. Despite all the hard work she put into making it, the dress becomes bloody and ripped from the fiasco she starts.

Also in Carrie are examples of a suspenseful plot. Proof of this is when the author shows an excerpt from a book written about the events caused by Carrie. It says “… we know that on prom night, a stress situation arose, causing the terrible events which we now begin to discuss…” This gives the reader very little information about the “terrible events” that are to come, making it rather suspenseful. This event, when all the students and several townspeople were killed, is the climax of the book. It’s the incident that makes the book a horror story and shows Carrie’s telekansis powers, which King calls “TK”, at their greatest.

Lastly, Stephen King’s novel contains fascinating and striking characters, the most remarkable one being Carrie. In the book, she beings to discover her powers in TK, or telekinesis. This is not good because she finally has a way of physically getting back at the people who teased and poked fun at her. She has thoughts of harming and even killing the people like that. All this leads to the night she used her powers to wreak havoc on the town. However, you cannot...
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