Topics: Caribbean, Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Talk about an unforgettable trip, and always complicated among all that I have done, and my parents are people who love traveling by parents, and know our own origin, but the Caribbean was one of the places I liked to know, so it was my first trip out of the country without them. On New Year is in 2012/2013, I decided to do something different, and leave a bit of sameness and beach, and that’s okay to continue going to the beach, but for those who like I was used to pass on the edge of the sea, and watching the firework for me in high seas without fire was unusual, but totally unforgettable. So I came here in the USA; my boyfriend promised that he would come to visit me, and thus he fulfilled with his words, and in the new year he came with me, and knew not where to go until had the brilliant idea of making a cruise, that is a trip that had never done; then our target was easier, and we decide to go to a CARIBBEAN ISLAND PARADISE, for me who never thought a day would know it. And we boarded the day 12/31 to 01/04 day, for surely the best possible days I've been there, a beautiful place; a sunny; inexplicable heat; especially for me that was a winter of 10F covered in snow, and a sensational huge ship, so with several inputs and puts outs that can be lost in. Swimming pools, jacuzzi, parties; countdown to midnight the turn; various lifestyles, and customs. We knew that white was Brazilian as in after all, and a tradition our, but all cheerful; happy, and full of energy for the year that was. After the turn has passed and the party have finished, we went to the room to rest after all. Next day we stroll through the islands, and for my surprise when I opened the cabin door I come across a room all decorated. It was not complimentary at the ship, and yes it is a surprise from my boyfriend who I didn’t see a six months ago, rose petals was spread around the room, and made hearts with own towel, and a lovely flower shoes. Oh yes I ended my night of the...
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