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Career Trends in Information Technology
The information technology industry is always changing and evolving, and 2013 looks to be no different.  The dramatic rate of change in technology is great for innovation and increased business efficiency but can also cause problems for many organizations.  The new changes and breakthroughs in technology require organizations to hire employees that are experienced and up-to-date on the new technologies. Often, this can pose a challenge for businesses because the talent pool is split between recent grads with little experience or longer tenured employees whose skills may not be up to date with the newer tech advances. A recent study of IT executives conducted by Computerworld outlines what the most popular and in demand tech skills will be in the future. 1. Programming and Application Development

60% of the IT executives surveyed claimed they plan to hire employees with programming and application development skills. This need for programming and development skills stems from organizations trying to implement new programs, products and services. Organizations want to offer their customers the positive experience with their products, and having the newest technology is usually the best way for them to accomplish that. A majority of the industry professionals expressed that they will specifically be looking for people with experience in Java, J2EE and .Net. 2.    Project Management

40% of employers plan to hire individuals with project management skills in 2013. It seems obvious that the organizations requiring programming and application development skills will also need individuals to plan, oversee, and execute the new projects and initiatives. Newer technologies lead to increased demand for project managers mainly due to the new projects being more complex. IT executives desire project managers that have a proven track record for success, display leadership, and show great attention to detail. 3. Security

Security has been and always will be a major issue for IT leaders. The threat of data and identity theft is very real, and protecting that information is imperative.  The increased demand for specialized security individuals can be attributed to more complex systems, larger amounts of data, and organizational policies such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD.) These items will make it more difficult to monitor and keep secure data and information. 27% of IT leaders plan to hire more security professionals in 2013, and the majority of those leaders want the professionals to have expertise in encryption technology, deploying firewalls, threat detection tools, and high levels of business acumen.

4.    Help Desk/Technical Support
Expected system and program updates for organizations in 2013 will lead to the increased demand for tech support professionals.  35% of IT executives surveyed said they plan to hire help desk or tech support individuals due to the need to monitor and support the new programs and systems created by their organizations.  Implementing new systems can lead to questions and confusion when using the systems, and tech support individuals will be necessary to support the increased number of inquiries.

Roles of Responsibilities of Employers and Employees
Employers and employees work together on a daily basis and have very different roles and duties. These primary roles and duties have remained fairly static over time despite changes in technology that have made business more global and efficient. They define what workers are supposed to do on a daily basis without delving into specific job descriptions and thus establish a foundation for the kind of relationship employers and employees should expect. Employer Responsibilities

To provide and maintain
* a safe working environment
* adequate resources, information, training and supervision * an effective health and safety program
* to establish a process for identifying, assessing; and...
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