Carrer Action Plan

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1.3 Compulsory Assessment Task
Develop your own personal action plan

* Personal career action plan * Name: * | * Where am I now? | * I completed my GCSE’S last year and achieved 16 GCSE’s which exceeded the entry requirements of the sixth form I am attending. * I am currently studying A/S levels in Sociology, English Literature, Theology, Government and Politics at St Wilfrids Catholic High School and Sixth Form. * I spend my Wednesday afternoons working alongside my peers and teachers in order to complete my silver Duke Of Edinburgh award.| * Where do I want to be and why? * This is where you decide your (longer-term) goals * Give reasons for your choices| I would like to go to university to study Midwifery and eventually become a midwife. | * How do I get there? * This is where you define the strategy you will use to achieve your goals and break them down into smaller steps. | * Complete my A ‘Levels. * Gain work experience in a local hospital or working with the ill or elderly. * Start working on my application to university by researching different courses, entry requirements and universities.| * Do I have an alternative back up plan? * Consider factors that may change your path. What other options are open to you?| Look into an access core through different universities to get into midwifery whilst doing volunteer work.| * Action points * This is where you implement your plan. These should be SMART targets.| * Revision...
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