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I would like to work in real estate because I found this market concrete. For me buying and selling buildings is a real market. A real estate agent is a professional that has to look for or to sell his client’s property. He can even go to the notary with his clients until the signing of the final act.

I will have to study in a real estate school for at least 90 hours in order to get a license and than pass a test. To be employed I also need to have a clean record (no bad reports from a previous employer). The qualification I need are to have good communication skills in order to satisfied the most costumer possible, but I also need to be very patient. Sometimes clients can change their mind often, the important point is to be devoted to the costumer. The average salary of a real estate agent is around $37,500 according to the following website: This means that I will be paid $3,125 every month. The related carriers are brokers and agent.

By looking on the Internet, we can notice that there are plenty of different opportunities to do a co-op as a real estate agent I would like to become a real estate agent because I know I have to pass through this step before realizing what I really want to archive in my live. In the future, I would like to build my own company of an investment found. I would like to work with a partner that has also some skills in finance to complete the financial part of the firm. The concept is simple. I go see big companies and ask to borrow them some money, when I get to the point that asked enough companies and that I have enough money, I can by buildings. I do this several time. I will need to study the market in order to buy in the most rentable zone. Then during several years I rent the buildings so I can get a salary. After that, when it is a good period in real estate to sell buildings, I sell the one I bought years ago and repaid the companies with interest. Of course to be...
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