Carrefour Is One of the Largest Hypermarket Chains

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Carrefour is one of the largest hypermarket chains that exist around the globe. It originated in France, Marcel Fournier, Denis Defforey and Jacques Defforey was the creators of Carrefour. Carrefour is the pioneer retailer in Europe and the second one around the world. This hypermarket has been expanding around Europe. It also spread elsewhere through its partners and franchisees, such as the stores that exist in Egypt. Entering Carrefour store means that you'll get to experience top quality products and great variety that full fills every family member needs and wants no matter what age group they belong to or how different their taste is. Carrefour also has its own brand range of product that has top quality and affordable prices.

← History

It all started on June 3, 1957 this was when the first Carrefour store opened in a suburban "Annecy" (A city of southern France) near a crossroads. That was where the name came from "Carrefour" is a French term for crossroads. In June 1963 another one opened in Sainte Genevieve des Bois with a floor area of 2500 m2 this is when the concept of hyper market was adopted. In 1969 the first Carrefour hypermarket opened abroad the first station was Belgium. During this time it also started to adopt brand name such as champion, 8 à Huit….

During the 70's Carrefour continued its journey to expand starting from Spain till reaching Brazil. In 1976 Carrefour launched a it's own label range of products which was charged for lower prices. it's popularity increased in such a short-time.

During the 80's and 90's Carrefour continued to grow opening new stores in Argentine, Taiwan, Asia, Mexico, Italy, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, Poland… and China in 1995

← Mission statement:

Carrefour is focused on meeting customer's expectations. it's mission is to provide top quality products to as any customers as possible, in accordance with principles of fair trade. "to satisfy each and every customer expectation with professionalism and to offer the best possible prices for high-quality products and services"

← Vision:
Become worldwide retail leader; make Carrefour the preferred retail shop where ever it operates. [pic]

According to the survey results most of Carrefour's customer consists of young adults' age range18-25 and mid-age ones age range 37-40. Mostly consisting of females, the males weren’t as interested and pointed out that they buy their needs from closer located convenient stores such as on the run. This is due the customs and society of Egypt rather than Carrefour targeting females over males. However, most of the males interviewed were the ones that shopped at Carrefour visited the store more often compared to females but spent less averagely each visit.

According to the survey the highest percentage of customer claimed that they spend an average of 1000 pounds each visit were around 27%. 3% spend around a 100pounds, 5%ofthe interviewee spend around 200.11% of them spend about 400. 16% spend 600 pounds per visit and 21% spend about 800 pounds. Thus Carrefour targets high income earners as the least spent in a visit was 100 pounds.

← SWOT analysis


One of the largest existing dominant hyper markets it is located in different places around the globe, which makes Carrefour a clear market leader. It has large centers located in attractive sights.

Carrefour is a high quality store that has its own strong brand name compared to existing ones. It also gives most major existing price deals and discounts on its products in addition to customer service it provides, this creates customer loyalty. The Egyptian Franchise deal is fast track compared to local customer's knowledge. Carrefour Expands quickly in many emerging markets. Good will among customers.


Its main weakness in Egypt is that it has taken longer than expected to open the first store and opening new branches. The new branches are being built in...
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