Topics: Marketing, Target market, Market segmentation Pages: 35 (10614 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Table of Contents
Executive summary:3
Differential Characteristics5
SWOT Analysis6
Company Risk and Opportunity Analysis7
Salient Features of Carpet Industry:8
Detailed Analysis of the Chosen Country9
The export product of Pakistan9
Analysis of turkey’s market in detail10
Social and cultural environment in Turkey10
Impact of culture on marketing11
Marketing in Turkey11
Selection of the target market12
Market Segmentation Best Practices13
B2C Segmentation Criteria15
B2B Segmentation Criteria16
Target Marketing19
The carpet tradition followed in turkey and popular target markets:20
Target market recommendation for Turkey21
Entry mode strategies22
International franchising23
2 Modes of Setting up a Business in Turkey24
Different Types of Companies25
Documents Required to Set Up a Merchant Organisation26
Joint Venture27
Procedure to Set up a Joint Venture1927
Special Investment Zones in Turkey28
Technology Development Zones – Techno parks28
Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs)29
Industrial Zones30
Free Zones30
Market Information31
Market Potential31
Strategy for Development31
Marketing Mix32
Commission agents32
Department Stores33
Mail Order33
Internet Sales33
Teleshopping QVC and HOT33
Sales promotion34
Marketing Strategies34
Proposed Product Mix37

Executive summary:
Pakistan’s thriving carpets and textiles trade is a legacy of the country’s rich commercial history and diverse culture. World-renowned for their intricate designs, Pakistani carpets reflect the heritage of cottage-based craftsmanship passed through generations of families. Pakistan produces several types of handmade carpets, including felted wool carpets (namads), flat non-pile fabric woven carpets (kilims), and pile and knotted carpets made from wool, silk, and cotton. Although carpet weaving by far dominates this sector, other textile items of cotton, wool, silk and cashmere are also made in Pakistan. The manufacture of carpets is largely accomplished by a huge network of weavers working on individual carpets throughout Pakistan’s countryside. As testament to the meticulous nature of the art, one large carpet typically takes six to nine months to weave. Numerous dealers or traders contract upfront with the weavers, or purchase the carpets prior to final finishing for eventual sale to retail and wholesale customers on a global basis. In their role, the traders perform a variety of functions related to production and sale. The carpet industry plays a vital role in the economy of Pakistan. It is not only a major earner of foreign exchange for the economy as a whole but it also contributes to the relief of poverty in rural areas. It is basically a cottage industry spread all over Pakistan, especially in remote rural areas. It is a major source of income for families who have few other sources of livelihood, apart from marginal agriculture. Families can easily enter carpet-making as an occupation as it requires few infrastructural facilities. Unlike other industries it does not require electricity, water, etc.

A wooden loom, yarn and knotting skill are needed to make carpets. Another advantage for the rural families is that they can do the work inside their homes. Because the work takes place inside homes, female members of the family can also participate in this economic activity. The carpet industry is totally indigenous as even the machines used are manufactured locally. Ornamental (rugs) carpets have from the beginning been a part of the Islamic culture as it achieved unprecedented heights in Baghdad, Damascus, Cordova, and Delhi and in the fabled cities of Central Asia. References to carpets in Arabic and Persian literature are numerous. Wherever Muslim culture has flourished, carpet weaving...
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