Carper vs Carp

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Which is Better?

Submitted By:
Briñosa, Hennah Angelique G.
Macatangay, Maricar
CE 3102

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Mr. Zoilo

October 11, 2011

Issues / Problems
Objective of the Study
a.CARPER better than CARP
b.CARPER worse than CARP
C.Researchers’ Insight

The Philippine lands are usually used for agrarian purposes. Being a tropical country, it is expected that the weather and nutritious soil are designed as if to grow crops for bountiful meals alone. The Filipinos are truly blessed to have a land which can provide enough food for its citizen to call their home.

Not only does land provide food but also shelter and other materials used in everyday life. In a single tree, there are many benefits already. Medicine or other chemical can be extracted from its roots. The trunk and branches are turned into tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. The leaves may wither but their decomposition can fertilize the soil. And, of course, the fruits serve as food. These gifts are all from the same tree. And that tree can never be useful if it is not planted in the soil. Again, the importance of land is absolute.

Now, that the significance of land is evident to all, what is the government’s action to preserve and maximize the use of its territorial asset?
The Philippines' Department of Agrarian Reform is the executive department of the Philippine Government responsible for all land reform programs in the country, with the purposed aim of promoting social justice and industrialization through massive taxation of rich and poor Filipinos alike.

Their latest moves are the CARP or Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program and CARPER or the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reform. They are both made with the tendency to support the people who are involved in all land related usage or the Filipino citizen. However, there is a certain question hanging in the balance between these two government programs. That is: which is better?

If the object at stake is the Philippine lands, of course, Filipinos will only want the best measure in any given option. If we are to maximize the use of land at the same time, keep the order and fairness between the socially gifted and the unfortunate. The better program is needed in order to fulfill the peace and prosperity of the agrarian industry which is the forte of the Philippine country. So again, the question is repeated: which is better? ISSUE / PROBLEM

As an agricultural country, the government should place agrarian reform as one of its priorities. The problem lies on the program they implemented. It is not enough to satisfy the needs of the farmers and other agricultural related workers.


The researchers aim to help clarify which is the better program between CARP and CARPER while considering all sides: advantages and disadvantages.
By this comparative study the researchers hope that the agricultural committee would consider the pros and cons of each program and cooperate with each other to choose the better program for our country or simply just make a better program than the present ones.  

CARP or Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program was laid down in the year 1988, to protect the agricultural workers in Philippines. It was signed by President Corazon C. Aquino on 10th June, 1988. It is aimed at helping the small and marginal farmers of Philippines by providing them easy access to land and other necessary inputs ( ). For a long period of time, the agrarian system of Philippines was being controlled by the large landlords. The small farmers in Philippines were...
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