Carpal Tunnel

Topics: Carpal tunnel syndrome, Wrist, Carpal tunnel Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: December 13, 2012
TTYL Carpal Tunnel
Thousands of people get this syndrome every year. People wake up in the middle of the night with agonizing pain in their hands and wrists. Carpal Tunnel is very painful and a hassle to deal with, but treatable. More and more people have gotten this syndrome because of the technology we use. When people repeatedly do the same motions over a certain amount of time, like texting, their hands and wrist start to ache and become inflamed. Constant texting and the use of a keyboard or mouse can lead to Carpal Tunnel and people need to recognize the symptoms of this syndrome to get treatment or for future prevention. First off, constant texting eventually leads to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When people send hundreds of texts a day, by the end of the night their wrists and thumbs have usually started to hurt. Texting too much has caused too many teenagers to experience Carpal Tunnel. According to Nielsen Research, the average teenager sends 3,146 text messages each month (Heussner). One unfortunate teenager from Chicago has experienced this situation. Annie Levitz, a sixteen-year-old Chicago teen who averaged sending about one hundred texts a day, started feeling numbness and tingling sensations in her hands. She went to the doctor who told her that she had Carpal Tunnel and was the youngest person the doctor had ever seen to have Carpal Tunnel. Levitz now can only send twenty to thirty messages a day and previously had to wear a brace at night and sometimes during the days; she must eventually undergo surgery as well. Levitz also stated that she regrets texting as much as she did because of the pain and embarrassment she experienced from wearing the braces and having everybody know (Heussner). In order to prevent Carpal Tunnel as a result from texting, experts recommend limiting sending fifty texts a day, and maintaining good posture, as slouching over damages the back. In addition, use touch screens, they are easier on the thumbs than keyboards...
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