Carolyn Warmus

Topics: Carolyn Warmus, Woman, Police Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: June 8, 2012
Born on January 8, 1964, Carolyn Warmus was born and raised in a very wealthy surrounding in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. With her father, Tom Warmus, being a self-made millionaire, Carolyn had all of her every wants and desires accounted for. After graduating from high school, Carolyn Warmus attend the University of Michigan. It was at this school where Carolyn began to engage in sexual relationships with married men. Although she came from very wealthy money, Carolyn was a troubled and spoiled person. Carolyn could not seem to keep a steady and healthy relationship mainly because of her obsessive ways.

Eventually, Carolyn Warmus relocated to New York City where she obtained her Master’s degree from Columbia University in 1987. That same year she found a job working at Scarsdale’s Greenville Elementary School and met Paul Solomon within the same week. Many men could not help but to notice Carolyn’s sexy attributes for she came from money and wore it well. She would wear designer clothes that would flaunt all of her best assets and she made sure she carried it very well.

On January 15, 1989, at exactly 7:15 p.m. just an ordinary day for the typical dispatcher, answered her ringing telephone with her usual opening line “New York Telephone.” Instantly she hears a woman frantic on the other end screaming, and then blurts out “He’s going to kill me!” and then the line disconnected. Unsure if the operator heard “he’s” or “she’s”, she identified the number and notified the police. Unfortunately, the police went to a different location, the site where the number was originally installed not knowing that Paul Solomon had relocated to Scarsdale Ridge Apartment therefore leaving the police to believe the call was a fake and they went back to the station.

At 11:42 p.m., the phone rang at the Village of Scarsdale Police Department on White Plains Road. But instead of being unsure of who or why someone was calling like the previous call, Paul Solomon...
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