Carolyn Cooper: Interpretation and Evaluation

Topics: Buju Banton, Jamaica, Reggae Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: October 31, 2012
“I have outlived my penis”
Carolyn Cooper, Contributor
Published: Sunday June 03, 2012

Purpose – Summary of Work

Carolyn Cooper, an author and professor of literary and cultural studies wrote this article highlighting some of the literary arts performed at the Callabash International Literary Festival. She wanted to entertain the audience with some of the artistic elements performed at the event, which she considers profound. She also wanted us to see the hidden elements in these artistic performances, the lack of appreciation for our artists, and how their work have impacted our lives, whether literally or just merely for entertainment and humour. Specifically Ralph Thompson and Ronnie Kasrils who were her focus, had delighted her and offered some intricacy in their work.

I conquer that Carolyn Cooper purpose was achieved in this article based on my evaluation interpretation of her work. She highlighted the work of Jamaican artist and how they have been interpreted to satisfy how own desire whether literally or for entertainment.

Interpretation and Evaluation
Carolyn Cooper experience at the Callabash Festival was very entertaining. She expressed that the event was full and many delightful literary pieces were performed. She highlighted Ralph Thompson and Ronnie Kasrils in particular. Ralph Thompson, a poet proceeded to commence his poem with a stolen punch line, which made his piece very clever, and humorous she thought. “I have outlived my penis at 84” was the opening line. Caroline Cooper thought that no ordinary man would ever divulge such information about his penile failure in front of a large audience and if Ralph was making a confession of this nature, he would be taking a joke too far. She found this very humorous. Ralph Thompson was allowed to form the fool but other artists were taken serious when they share their piece of art. This, she thought was all too unfair and what goes for one person should apply to the other....
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