Carolingian Empire

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  • Published : April 9, 2007
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The Carolingian Empire

Throughout the course of history many different empires have been formed. Of these empires, the Carolingian Empire is one that really intrigued me to learn more about. The knowledge about the empire is easily retained. Though the information was easy to grasp, it did cause me some problems. While reading about this historical empire I overlooked some very important actions upheld within the empire. Initially, I thought that the information presented in the book was all credited to Charlemagne. Though the majority of the greatest years of the empire occurred under Charlemagne, it did not fully explain the empire itself. Most of what was accomplished was carried out inside of Charlemagne's realm, but he alone did not form the empire himself. The groundwork to the empire was taken care of by the Carolingians who controlled the Frankish realm at this time. The rise and fall of the Carolingian Empire can be attributed to the decisions of those in power and the many government reforms enacted. The beginning of the Carolingian Empire can be traced even farther back than its given name. The empire itself first took over the Merovingian dynasty of the Frankish Realm. The Carolingian family was a wealthy body of people who did not feel it necessary they were not in power. After the year 600 is when the family really began to establish itself in government office.

The Carolingian rise to power was able to happen because the family controlled so much wealth. Since the Carolingian nobility was so powerful, other nobility felt it necessary to become a part of the Carolingians. The Alliances the Carolingians made with others allowed them to increase their following and expand their empire even further. The Carolingian nobility recognized that some of their territory was under attack from opposing forces. Furthermore, they realized if they do not take care of these attacking forces, that they may lose power in their territory. To restore the Carolingian empire, the help of Charles Martel was enlisted by the nobility. Charles Martel was able to lead forces into Gaul and overrun the Arab forces held within the city. Management of the empire by the Carolingians helped create a much more expansive area to rule. The early empire was helped along by the actions of the Carolingian family. All through this time the Carolingians were not only gaining much needed land for their empire, but they were also creating a larger following. Nobility accomplished this by funding all of the wars. These acts of war allowed the nobility to gain numbers of people in their area. After a successful conquest, the Carolingians believed it necessary to protect their investment. Constant rewards were given to people form the nobility to ensure that they stayed loyal to the Carolingians. These defeated people realized that their lives would be so much better if they would just allow themselves to be a part of the Carolingian Empire. The mere fact of knowing the Carolingian family was in control was not enough for the nobility. As Pippin III came into power, he wanted to make sure who once and for all who was really in control. He felt that if someone were to be in power, that person should be the king and not somebody else. Pippin III decided to send some troops over to the office of the Pope and retrieve some answers about who was in charge. The Pope believed that no one person should be in charge because it goes against the Divine Plan. Regardless what the Pope believed to be correct, Pippin III was elected king after the last Merovingian king was gone. Even though Pippin III pressured the Pope into giving him power, he wanted the Pope to act as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. Whether or not the Pope felt Pippin III was qualified by the divine or not, the Pope gave in to Pippin III's request. A ceremony was set in place to fully incorporate Pippin III and his sons to power. They were anointed...
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