Carnival Internal Analysis

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IV. Internal Environment: Strengths & Weaknesses (SWOT)
A. Corporate Structure:
1. CEO: Micky Meir Arison Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Subsidiary Officer Executive Carnival Corporation & plc. Highest authority in firm also keeps the company close to its roots and initial vision. (S) 2. Operating Committee: Formulates business strategy and helps to formulate corporate strategy and functional strategy by committing resources to sustainable high quality services and products (S) 3. Functional Departments: Are the effective arms at the front and are the first lines of offense to capitalize on strengths while also guarding against weaknesses. (S) a. Purchasing

b. Distribution
c. Marketing
d. Construction & Store Development
e. Finance
f. Perishables
g. Non-Perishables
h. Legal
i. Product Development
j. Sales
4. Projects: Small tactical teams come together to solve problems to create innovative solutions for the Whole Foods Market. a. Small teams enable the company to be very successful in implementing viable strategies. (S) b. Teams allowed every member to add value to the store and many of the employees felt they were a valued member of the store’s team. (S) c. Project learning and the eventual implementation of viable strategies was shared from team to team, thus promoted learning on a corporate wide level. (S)

B. Corporate Culture: (S)
1. Carnival has a strong cultural intensity. Maintains a team culture where most people feel they are adding value. 2. Adheres to code of conduct that respects employees and customers. 3. Stressed the ethical treatment of all.

4. Lived their mission and values.
5. High value of employees.
6. Executives and workers all share the same goal. They want to provide customers with the highest level of service possible. This will help bring in new customers and keep others coming back. 7. The company takes the values of...
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