Carnival in Spain

Topics: Carnival, Canary Islands, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: March 7, 2011
Carnival in Spain
The carnival is a public event that holds the characteristics of the circus. People usually dress up or wear masks during the celebrations as well, like a masquerade. Most of the people think that the event of the Carnival in Spain drew from "farewell to the flesh," that represents the immoderation that lead up to Lent, which is when the cheery season begins. Some think Carnival is a result from the Saturnalia, which is a roman festival, where people coddle themselves to a lot of drinking and a lot of dancing. The Saturnalia had the first parade floats, some people say. There were banned for quite some time before it was brought back. There are many arguments on the topic of where the carnival was derived from actually.

Carnival in Spain is famous nationwide though the harshest festivities are in the Canary Islands, Cadiz, and Sitges. Just like food, each town has its own unique flavor and way of the carnival. For example, the Cadiz festival is popular for music, while the carnival of Tenerife is more about contests. You'll see extravagant costumes and people in masks everywhere, and in any of Spain's Carnivals.

My mask in particular has two sides, so to speak. The black is sophisticated and flattering, while the red is outgoing and almost implies fun. The hints of gold were just a subtle hinting at class and riches. The design of the colors and mask itself was inspired by a joker, the opposites and liveliness. Yet the design of the feathers and the handle were classy and graceful, with silky ribbons and the smooth flow of the feathers. The bells on the handle show the playfulness, the good times in the carnival. Resource sites: Found on 08 September 2010
Found on 08 September 2010
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