Carnage as Entertainment

Topics: Ethics, Adolescence, Understanding Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Writing Assignment “Carnage as Entertainment”
Left and right. Up and down. Forward and backward. Each the complete opposite of its counterpart. All simple concepts to grasp and understand. Then why is it so hard to fully comprehend the notion of right and wrong? Kids are taught at such a young age this idea starting as early as when their mind is able to recognize the difference of what they are and are not allowed to do. People love to use excuses and find a suitable scapegoat to explain their actions. In the case of the article “Carnage as Entertainment”, author John Ellis uses television as the blame for extreme adolescent misbehavior. Though television may play a minor role in this debate, the major blame for this argument has to start with the parents.

A child’s mind is like a little absorbent sponge, taking in any and all information it can hold. Children are highly impressionable and they try to emulate all that they see. Either its trying to dress like their older sibling or dance and sing-a-long with a cartoon character on TV. This is how they learn at such an early age. In most cases, television is that first impression that kids see, when it should be their parents that they should look up to and imitate. Dwelling into the fact if the parents have problems themselves and are not inept to properly raise that child in the first place is a whole other discussion indeed. But even the most unfit mother or father can work a remote control to change the channel if something inappropriate happens to be on.

Television is strictly for entertainment purposes only. Most of the programming, 64% violence in the 1996-1997 prime-time season from the essay, is primarily fictional as in made up. The average kid who sees violence on television is not going to go shoot up their school the next day. It is the neglected teen, whose parents don’t have the time to play a meaningful role in their child’s life who would disregard the simple rule of...
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