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Renowned for his transparency, listening and analytical skills, Carlos Ghosn successfully leads an automative alliance operating on three continents despite all the production issues, personnel challenges, and currency fluctuations. Successful people in every field are often said to be "blessed with talent" or even just lucky. But the truth is, many work harder than the average person can even imagine. Carlos Ghosn runs two of the world's largest automakers, which tells something about his work ethic. Ghosn works more than 65 hours a week, spends 48 hours a month in the air, and flies more than 150,000 miles a year. In May 2005, Mr. Ghosn became the president and CEO of Renault S.A. in addition to his current responsibilities at Nissan. As head of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Mr. Ghosn is responsible for two separate companies with combined annual global sales of 6.1 million vehicles. Carlos Ghosn shook things up: he changed the structure, performance measurement, and incentive systems in his part of the business. He introduced the concept of "transversal work," creating 12 cross-functional teams, each charged with specific cost-reduction and quality-improvement objectives, with representatives from engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing present on every team. But perhaps the greatest payoff came when the French company acquired controlling interest in Japan's Nissan Motor Company. His turnaround of Nissan led to profitability in less than 18 months and enabled to achieve the best financial performance in the company’s history. Nissan became the car manufacturer that grew the most, not only in growth rate but in absolute numbers too.
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