Carlos Ghosn Nissan Ceo

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  • Published: November 16, 2012
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Carlos Ghosn as CEO of Nissan and Renault: Can He Rework the 'Nissan Magic'? "We knew some people were concerned about the potential for culture clashes, between the French and the Japanese, but it was not an issue. Cultural differences should be used as a catalyst for change, not as a crutch that inhibits change. You can learn a lot from somebody who is not like you."1 - Carlos Ghosn, CEO, Nissan.

"Make sure you are focused on your own people. Bring in them motivation and sense of ownership, then you can do your miracle."2 - Carlos Ghosn, CEO, Nissan.
In 2002, Louis Schweitzer, CEO of Renault announced that Carlos Ghosn, the president and CEO of Nissan would also take over the reigns at Renault in April 2005, while Schweitzer would remain the chairman of the board. With the new position , Carlos Ghosn would lead two companies Nissan and Renault. As of 2004,Renault held 44%stake in Nissan and Nissan owned around 15%of Renault's shares. 'Turnaround artist', as Carlos Ghosn was called was behind the industry's most remarkable turnaround at Nissan. After he became the CEO of Nissan in 1999, he had brought in many un-Japanese changes in the Japanese company and had actively persuaded the employees to accept change. Carlos Ghosn was credited for reviving the company from$254million losses and $19billion debt in 1999 into profits within two years. After taking up his position as the CEO of Renault in April 2005,CarlosGhosn is likely to face many challenges. Heading two different automobile companies from two different countries was first of its kind and industry observers expressed doubts whether Ghosn would be able to take up the pressure and rework the 'Nissanmagic'. Carlos Ghosn: The 'Nissan Magic'In March 1999,Renault, the then ninth carmaker in the world announced its alliance with Nissan investing $5.4 billion. Nissan was in losses for many years from 1990-1999 except for profits reported in 1997(Annexure I) and looked out for partners to recover...
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