Carlos Fuentes Versus Samuel P. Huntington

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Samuel P. Huntington Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: September 26, 2012
Carlos Fuentes is against the acquisition that Samuel P. Huntington brings up about immigration. In which Huntington focuses on the Hispanic immigration. Huntington brings up to main point in the article in which was that illegal immigrants costs government in money with education, welfare, law enforcement, and other costs. The second point is that Hispanic immigrants born in the United States would be less willing to follow American influence, and that Hispanic population in America will grow more rapidly. Fuentes counters all of Huntington argument which the immigrants beneficial to the United States. The immigration is beneficial to United States by first giving the Gross Domestic Product an increase in particular the textile, equipment, and construction sector of the GDP. The immigrant in this could possible bring trillions of dollars into the economy. Hispanic migrants are essential in the agriculture sector of the economy. The other side of the argument would say that America should deport the entire illegal immigrant but, by doing so it the GDP would lose 2.6 trillion dollars in ten years following the massive deportation. The myth of the immigrants cost America money is false while; the immigrants only pay 25,000 dollars in local and state taxes and pay 80,000 in federal taxes based on the National Academy of Sciences. (Fuentes 71-74) (Huntington 75-77)

Both Huntington and Fuentes talk about in particular the Hispanic migration to the country from the jobs they take to their influence on this country. While one is for immigration and the other is against it they both bring up the key issues in the immigration fight. The article show the development of the Hispanic race in American society while showing what happens when they society is influence from outside race. This article changes my perspective from how immigration affects a country. It showed me that some jobs relied heavy on migrants. This article moved me more for immigration because how they...
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