Carl's Jr. Commercial

Topics: Hamburger, Sexual arousal, Libido Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Fried Sexuality
It is funny how you can get the attention of a man’s sexual desires through a commercial. You can’t blame a man for his behavior. It’s in our nature to be who we are as men. Specifically, the kind of men that can be tricked by a mere image of a woman, in a bikini, eating a cheese burger. The advertisements in today’s world have been altered to use women as bait to reel in men and buy the product without any hesitation.

If I told you that if you go to Carl’s Jr. and purchase a cheeseburger and a gorgeous model comes with the burger, would you buy it? I sure would…if only it were true. Carl’s Jr. is known for having its famous juicy, charbroiled, seven hundred calorie burgers. Anytime they want to promote a new burger, they use a model dressed revealingly to present the burger. They have the model eat very slowly and take big bites out of the burger to show its ingredients and condiments. At the end of the commercial there is a white background and the burger falls from the sky and lands on the white ground. End of commercial.

We have sort of gotten the feeling that these advertisements tend to be repetitive and very similar. It has come to my attention that these commercials were pitched by men or a man. Only a man could use a woman as his tool and present her in front of an audience of millions to show the new way of how to unveil a new product. I have seen so many Carl’s Jr. commercials to the point where I feel like they want me to buy the model, rather than the burger. Nonetheless, having the model will not solve my hunger problem but having her for the sexual desire aspect will suffice.

What appealed to me was the lack of importance of the burger in the beginning of the commercial. The commercial starts with the beautiful model at the beach. She is lying on the beach on a towel. The sun is so bright it makes her skin glow and come to life. A breeze flows through the air and has her hair dancing with the wind. Her...
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