Carl Rogers Reflection Paper

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Unconditional positive regard Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: July 18, 2008
Reflection Paper

Upon viewing the video recording of Carl Rogers’s conversation with Gloria I was able to observe an extraordinary demonstration of Client-Centered Therapy. The tape provided me with excellent examples of many important traits of a Client-Centered Therapist. These included: allowing the client to find their own internal conclusions, the high use of reflection of content and emotion, the therapist becoming transparent and genuine with the client, and the therapist showing unconditional positive regard. All of these therapist traits were demonstrated in the video recording and proved to be effective in helping the client to open up and trust the therapist, better understand her own issue and begin to resolve the issue. In the beginning, Carl Rogers used non expert language to start the session. He opened the session by stating, “I do not know what we can make of these thirty minutes together”. This statement made it evident to the client the therapist’s uncertainty about the outcome of the session and thus showed him as a genuine person. I believe that Rogers allowed Gloria to see his humanness in and effort to connect with the client and ultimately build a sense of trust. In addition to genuine behavior, Rogers showed no judgmental reactions to anything that Gloria discussed with him. When she discussed her sexual activity and pondered if it was wrong or right to discuss this activity with her child, Rogers did not offer his opinion nor condemn the activity. He listened and reflected her emotion and content. Throughout the session when Gloria talked about her father’s opinion of her and expressed that she wished her father would be more accepting, Carl was very accepting of her and even at the end of the session said he would like her to be his daughter. I believe that this display of unconditional positive regard allowed Gloria to feel comfortable with sharing her deepest dark secrets. She was not only able to become transparent but was also...
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