Carl Rogers

Topics: Psychology, Humanistic psychology, Thought Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: December 3, 2007
Carl Rogers is another one of the most influential Psychologists in the field today. Like many of the other Psychologists we have studied, the contributions that he has made to Psychology are very substantial and lasting. I have agreed with many aspects of the different Psychologists that we have studied, but I believe that I agree with and like Carl Rogers the most. With being one of the founders of Humanism and establishing and shining light on person-centered therapy, it is hard for me to find very many faults in Roger's accomplishments.

Many people might find Carl Rogers naïve or soft, because he truly cared about people. He viewed each person as different and truly believed that every person had worth. The reason that many individuals decide to get into the field of Psychology, including me, is to basically help people. Carl Rogers was one of the first Psychologists to base his whole belief system on people, and how help them. Others were focused on finding out why people behave the way they do, and why believe what they believe. Also, many of the other Psychologists had general theories, that were not very personalized to the individual client. Rogers had general theories, but they were all based around the fact that every person is different. When he took on a client, he got to know the client on a very personal level, and tried to help that person the best way he thought that specific client deserved. This is what is known as person-centered therapy. I totally agree with this concept. Yes, there are things that can be learned from theories about other people, and yes, I do believe that having a general knowledge about certain theories can help when you are trying to understand an individual. But I agree with Rogers when it comes to the thought of person-centered therapy. Every person is different, no matter how many "categories" they fit into. You need to have a complex understanding of the person before you can go about deciding what...
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