Carl Rodgers and Gloria

Topics: Feeling, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: May 26, 2012
The case of Carl Rodgers and Gloria comes from a half hour long video that was filmed in 1964. In this video, Rodgers explains how he is going to approach this session with Gloria and then in the session itself with Gloria he illustrates his style of therapy, namely the Self-Concept Theory. In the beginning of the video, Rodgers explains to us the conditions that he tries to create within his therapeutic environment. These conditions must be put in place in order to bring out positive changes within Gloria.

The certain conditions or climates that he tries to create are as follows: He tries to maintain a sense of Geniuses. He wants to be able to appear real in the relationship. Rodgers wants there to be congruence and transparency. He wants nothing to be hidden in terms of feeling and emotions. His own feelings that he expresses must not affect the client in any way at all. Rodgers also states that he needs to find himself caring about the client because if he shows a sense of praising, the patient will absorb that and start to feel more in control and positive about herself. Rodgers wants to be sensitive so that he can know how it feels to be her and that he will be able to see the world through her eyes.

If Rodgers is able to create this sort of climate, Gloria will experience a certain amount of changes. Rodgers will be able to explore her feelings that are hidden deep within her. She will begin to prise herself and listen to herself and she might just become aware of things that she was not aware of before. Rodgers mentions that Gloria will appear to herself as more real. She will become more immediate and her attitude will move from disapproving more towards a positive attitude. When the interview starts with Gloria she cuts right to the chase and tells Rodgers of her difficulty in adjusting to her newly single life. She feels guilty about her sexual behaviour with other men which refer to sexual encounters that she is obviously having with single men. One...
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