Carl Robins- Case Study

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  • Published : February 8, 2010
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The case study of Carl Robbins reveals a company and an employee who is unprepared to welcome properly, new employees into the company environment in an effective and meaningful way. Chris Traynor, a board-certified SPHR (Senior professional of human resources) relates it this way, “A botched orientation is almost always a top-down problem, regardless of who might have the everyday responsibility of training the new hire. It is a mystery when you consider what is already known about the true value of good employees and just how difficult and costly it can be to attract them to your business (2008).” The orientation of new employees is critical to their early performance and the retention of the new employees over the long term. Orientation should involve HR, training, and the supervisors of the new employees in an organized manner in order that the transition into the new role or department will be graceful, but impactful (Giacalone, 2009). Preparation was missing before Carl Robbin became a recruiter for ABC, Inc. Background

Key Problems
Find new location for orientation
Complete all missing transcripts and incomplete applications Mandatory drug screen must be scheduled
Complete orientation manual with only 17 days left
Table 1. Details of orientation to be prepared
(University of Phoenix, 2009)
New location
New employee’s missing documents
Mandatory Drug Screen
Orientation Manual
Alternative and proposed solutions
New Location
Call a local hotel where he can meeting to conduct his new employee orientation. Reserve the room that Joe booked either in the am or pm after the computer training class. Find a new facility where they can conduct a meeting. Call a local restaurant where he can reserve a room to continue the new class orientation. Complete missing transcripts and incomplete applications Carl should begin by contacting each individual...
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