Carl Robbins Case Study

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  • Published : January 6, 2011
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Carl Robins Case Study
Julie Rucker
COMM 215
March 31, 2010
Carl Robins Case Study

Carl Robins is a new campus recruiter who is on the fast track to success. However, as a new employee, he is not fully informed on processes of the company. From my analysis, I conclude that Carl Robbins is not organized and did not assemble training plan for the new recruits. New employees can acquire a situation too deep and too fast. It takes at least six months to a year for someone in a new position to understand his or her role within a company. Carl Robins is doing too much too fast. A plan needs to be in place and reviewed before any new trainees were hired. Background

Carl Robins, a new recruiter with ABC, Inc., has a dilemma. Because a training plan was not put in place and the proper research was not done, Carl runs the risk of an unsuccessful orientation. Carl’s position has the role of coordinating tasks and gathering information for new people coming to the company. If the process is unsuccessful, it will leave a bad impression with not only Monica Carrolls, Operations Supervisor, but the new trainees as well. As the coordinator, Carl has not put in the research required to obtain the information needed for the trainees. Key Problems

Several problems exist for Carl Robins. The first issue is that he is six months into his position and is not aware of certain policies and procedures within ABC, Inc. The next issue is that a training plan does not exist for Carl to follow to make sure trainees meet the requirements. Last, being new to his position Carl did not do the research or ask questions on what needed to be done. He just assumed. An action plan or schedule should be active before the new trainees were hired. Carl did not prepare for the orientation; he runs the risk of not possessing the space or materials to conduct the orientation. Alternatives

Preparing a group of people in a new environment to do a job takes time and...
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