Caring Older People

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Nursing Science Quarterly

Advancing the Discipline of Nursing
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Nursing Science Quarterly , Practice Applications 10.1177/0894318404263264 17:2, April 2004


Practice Applications

Gail J. Mitchell, Contributing Editor

Advancing the Discipline of Nursing

Nurses around the globe continue to learn and advance the

Assistant Professor, York University, Toronto, Canada
spirit in nursing practice. She also describes how Watson’s framework guides thinking and acting in her roles as educator and researcher. Readers are invited to reflect on the application of Watson’s theory and to consider how theory guides their own ways of acting and speaking with persons and families. The future of nursing lies in the experiences of nurses like Bernick who have the commitment to learn to practice nursing in a way that advances the knowledge base of a discipline.

Gail J. Mitchell, RN; PhD

application of nursing theories and frameworks in their various practices with persons from life to death. Providing nurses with opportunities to read about these advances and applications, and to reflect on the meaningfulness of different theoretical approaches, meets the goals of this scholarly journal. The column is written by a nurse in advanced practice who shows how Watson’s caring-healing...
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