Caring Nurses Can Make a Difference

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Caring Nurses Can Make a Difference

The Importance of Caring in Nursing Practice
Caring and nursing are often closely related. Most people choose their career as a nurse because they want to take care of others. Caring allows a person to be treated in a holistic way, instead of just treating a patient’s symptoms or even just fixing the patient’s problems. The client interviewed for this paper was treated by caring nurses and made a significant impact on her treatment. Client’s History

SM who is 33, living in a large house with her husband, her daughter who is preschool age, and three others. She had a long medical history which includes two bouts of cancer and side effects from that treatment, including hepatitis C from a blood transfusion as child and a history of surgeries, including bone biopsy, tumour removal, tendon surgeries, and laparoscopic surgeries for acid reflux. When she was 32 years old, she was experiencing physical distress and ended up diagnosed H1N1. She was hospitalised for 10 days and is still recovering 18 months later. Her case was quite severe, and left her with decreased heart function. At the time, her family support included her husband, her parents who live close by and friends from her church. Nursing Roles in SM’s Care

There were triage nurse who assessed her situation, took her vitals, they asked all of her symptoms and ask the doctors. On a subsequent visit, when the symptoms was still occurring, the triage nurses asked more probing questions to clarify the client’s problem. In this case, the nurse decided that she should wear a mask. Client SM had a friend, who is an RN, who sat with her in the emergency room. This friend added more observations than the nurses who were working. She was able to answer the doctor’s questions with more medical knowledge than the client could have. Once SM was admitted, nurses came by more frequently to see if she needed anything and took her temperatures often. Their close observation helped...
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