Caring for Children and Young People Booklet

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Bullying Pages: 4 (1278 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Unit 10 caring for children and young people assignment 2 of 2, report There are 3 types of maltreatment: abuse, neglect, bullying and harassment. Abuse can be physical, emotional (intellectual) and sexual. Signs of physical abuse are:

* Unexplained injuries that sound untrue or doesn’t fit in with the injury * Injuries on a non-mobile baby or head injuries on a child who is less than one year old * Nervous behaviour, jumpy, watchful and cautious, scared of psychical contact – shrinking back when touched * Difficulty in making friends and trusting others

* Refusing to undress for physical education or medical examination, wearing too many clothes in warm weather to cover up the injuries * Chronic running away and school absences
* Repeated attendance at accident&emergency
* Self-harm and self-destructive behaviour, being bullied * Aggression towards others, bullying others
* Lying, stealing, getting into trouble with the police
Signs of emotional abuse are:
* Delayed development – emotionally immature for age, physically small and intellectually behind peers * Nervous behaviour such as rocking , hair twisting , self-harm * Speech disorders

* Extremes of passive or aggressive behaviour
* Fear of making a mistake and a overreacting to a mistake * Fear of new situations but can be over friendly with strangers * Continually putting themselves down
* Inability to be spontaneous
* Inability to concentrate
Signs of sexual abuse are:
* Medical problems in the genital area, sexually transmitted illnesses, bed wetting * Being overly affectionate and sexually knowing – demonstrating sexually inappropriate behaviour, flirting or graphic, sexualised play * Changes in behaviour – withdrawn, sad or even more extreme – depression, self-harm and attempts to suicide * Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, loss of appetite or compulsive overeating * Behaving than much younger child...
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