Caring for Children and Young People Unit 10 Level 3 Ext

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Unit 10 Caring for children & young people
P1-There are many different reasons why children and young people may need to be looked after which are unforeseen, unexpected and planned situations. Common reasons could involve family related issues including: family breakdown, bereavement, loss of parent, illness or incapacity of a parent such as: hospitalisation, substance misuse or mental health needs, which means there is no one else to provide care. A Child or young person are suspected or actually being maltreated. Children and young person related: health issues, behavioural problems, disability, learning difficulties or rejection by parent as a result of a new partner or because of the child or young person’s behaviour. The child or young person could be suspected or actually being abused: physically, sexually and/or verbally. A child or young person could be abandoned by a parent and have no one to provide care for them. The parent, child or young person may have committed a crime. If a child or young person truants school they could be placed into the foster care system. Family breakdown- This is when families are destructed by separation or divorce of the parents. This can cause children to be distraught and confused by their parents decisions to separate or divorce. There can be many reasons that cause family breakdowns but whatever the reasons when a family breakdown occurs the child/children can experience a mix of emotions from this event such as: depression, guilt and withdrawal. Regrettably for most parents they do not meet the child's needs or give them the support they need as they can be caught up in the conflict that the separation has caused. The parents can make the mistake of not talking to their child/children about the circumstances making the child/children feeling forgotten and disheartened. The parents may think that they are protecting their child/children from the grief the separation has caused but this can only leave the child/children confused by what is happening to their family and can result in the child/children feeling angry because the parents have not listened to how the child/children feel about the situation and are not able to have any any decisions in the matter that will affect their future. Due to the stress and lack of communication children/young people from broken families can end up in the care system because “Children from broken homes three times more likely to run away”.

Bereavement- “Bereavement is the experience of those left behind after someone has died.” Bereavement affects children and young people emotionally and physically and it can make an impact for many years and can cause many reactions such as: sleep disturbances/nightmares, eating disorders, aggression, separation anxiety, withdrawal etc. If a child is to lose either or both parents or even a close relative or friend they may need respite from their grief. Loss of parent/s- If a child/children loses either parent or both there will be no one to take care of them. This will result in the child/children being placed with a close relative or friend or into the care system. Illness- If either parent or both parents are seriously ill and need to be cared for they will be unable to meet the needs of their child/children which will mean the child/children will have to be placed in to temporary care with a temporary carer/family until their parent/s are well enough to take care of then again. Incapacity- incapacity is when a person is unable to manage something physically or mentally, which in this case a parent would be incapable of taking care of their child/children in this state. Hospitalisation- this is when a person is being treated in hospital. For example, a parent may need an operation and recovery may take up to a week, during this period their child will need to be temporarily taken care of either by a close relative, friend or temporary carer. Substance misuse- A parent or Parent's who are...
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