Caring Communication

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Caring Communication

Caring Communication is an important part of client care. With caring communication we can assess how to care for our clients needs in a genuine caring way. There are five components to caring communication and they are openness, empathy, supportiveness, positiveness and equality. With these five components to caring, we are able to provide to our clients a sense of worth, value, and dignity. ●Openness is when a good communicator is willing to share personal thoughts and feelings about ones self that pertain to the conversation they are having with a person, but making sure you keep the conversation about the persons experiences and not your own. ●To show empathy is to put yourself in a persons position, to feel as they might feel. To try and understand the feelings they are experiencing and expressing to you without passing judgement. ●When expressing supportiveness you are listening to what a person is sharing with you. You need to show that you believe and trust what they are communicating to you without criticizing. ●Being positive is to show confidence and respect for yourself. When showing positiveness you need to let the person know they are liked and appreciated. In doing this they would become more comfortable in partaking in the conversation.

To express equality to a person is letting them know they have the same worth, value, and importance as everyone else. This show that both people have something to contribute to the conversation.

I have some situations where I have tried to use caring communication that I would like to share with you.
My parents decided they wanted to quit smoking. When they told this to me, I told them how happy and proud of them I was of them for wanting to make this change in their lives I let them know that I wanted to support them by helping doing more around the house and if they ever wanted to talk and share anything with me about what they were going...
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