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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Literature Review
The agricultural industry has played second fiddle to oil-based industries for a number of years(Newsday July29). I was born in a small country town called Chaguanas, two or three miles inland from the Gulf of Paria. Chaguanas was a strange name, in spelling and pronunciation, and many of the Indian people- they were in the majority in the area - preferred to call it by the Indian caste name of Chauhan(V.S Naipaul : ‘Two Worlds’) Adrian Cola Rienzi ,a close comrade of Cipriani in the fight for the betterment of the working class with the passion to make Trinidad a better place, he parted ways with Cipriani’s party/union in 1936 to champion workers in the sugar cane industry in central Trinidad(Guardian Media June 20 2011) The canes enabled the Central Trinidad family to send their children to institutes of higher education, build better homes and improve the standard of living for not only the immediate family but also members of the Freeport community who were employed in the sugar cane fields. Then in 2003, Government announced the closure of former sugar manufacturing company, Caroni (1975) Limited. The coastal and central plains were giving way to large expanses of the cultivation of sugar cane. Townships were now developing at Cunupia, Chaguanas, Carapichaima, Couva(Church and Society in Trinidad) The sugar industry was the reason for:

* Our History, the Politics and the Sociology of T&T
* The composition of Our Multicultural Society
* The success of our food manufacturing sector and cheap sugar for households * Rural life and development
* Some measure of food security, agricultural diversification and rural drainage systems * The livelihood of over 300,000 people in Central and South Trinidad * The Rum and Molasses Industry

* The rise of the grow- box agricultural vegetable industry from bagasse(Caroni was never a drain on the Treasury-Stephen Kangal) The principal reason given for the closure of...
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