Caribbean Studies Ia Intro

Topics: Discrimination, Homophobia, Adultism Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: March 10, 2012

Problem Statement
The reasons for or factors contributing to the discrimination or non-discrimination of LGBT teenagers by their peers. A study of Trinidadian society.

Research Objectives
This study intends to:
1. Ascertain whether the discriminatory or non-discriminatory group is larger within the teenaged population. 2. Determine if the majority of each group represents any specific demographic and if so, what accounts for this. 3. Identify the factors which contribute to the opinions held by both groups regarding their LGBT peers. 4. Discover any methods which may be implemented to develop a more tolerant society.

Research Questions
1. Do the majority of teenagers support or discriminate against their LGBT peers? 2. What commonalities exist within the supporting and non-supporting groups, if any? 3. What reasons can be given for these commonalities?

4. For what reasons do teenagers either support or discriminate against their LGBT peers. 5. What can be done to instil a higher level of tolerance within society?

Statement of the Problem
Caribbean society as a whole is widely infamous as being extremely homophobic. This holds true as well for Trinidadian society. Nevertheless, it is becoming more obvious that LGBT citizens are beginning to find their voice with the advent of social media and gay-friendly American entertainment, and at a younger age as well. More and more teenagers are coming to terms with their sexuality during these adolescent years but their attempts at self-expression have been met with mixed responses. Within the non-LGBT teenaged community, there are both those who support and those who discriminate against their LGBT peers. This discrimination can take the form of verbal and sometimes even physical abuse. Bullying and derogatory comments are common examples of discrimination which may be observed in many schools across the nation.

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