Caribbean Culture

Topics: Caribbean, Indigenous peoples, Colonialism Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Caribbean Culture Assignment
Write an essay supporting the following arguments.

Essay 1: The emergence of culture in the Caribbean.
žCulture is often hard to objectively define in a study, but can be simplified as the body of people's expressions, values, meanings and artifacts that anchor peoples' identity. Caribbean culture is identifiably linked to the approaches to survival taken by her peoples. Discuss this statement critically.

Essay 2: The intellectual contribution of the Caribbean.
Education has forever been a priority for the Caribbean region. From the mass of the Caribbean population have come some of the world's best minds, creative intellect and imagination. The common heritage of a history rooted in exploitation and the struggle for freedom and independence have formed the foundation of an extraordinary commitment to education on the part of Caribbean societies over the years. While some may argue that the quality of education in the region is on the decline there is no doubt that Caribbean societies continue to maintain education as one of their highest priorities. Discuss this statement critically.

Essay 3: žCaribbean Integration
It will be recalled that the Caribbean islands were among the first areas to be impacted by early globalization, in the form of European maritime expansion. The initial result was the extermination of the majority of the indigenous population. There followed mercantilism, slavery and the plantation system, and centuries of rivalry and wars among the major colonial powers. This left a legacy of political and linguistic fragmentation that constitutes the main obstacle to regional integration. Discuss this statement critically.
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