Carib Studies Module 1

Topics: Caribbean, Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua Pages: 4 (1292 words) Published: May 2, 2013
 Definition of the Caribbean Region
This describes the area washed by the Caribbean Sea and is often described as the Caribbean Basin. It would therefore include most of the islands of the Lesser Antilles, Greater Antilles as well as the mainland territories in Central America (Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Honduras) and Northern South America such as Columbia and Venezuela. The common link here is the Caribbean Sea. Geological 

There are deep seated structural features of Caribbean geology which also identifies commonalities. It is the area that is defined by the Caribbean Plate and which experiences similar tectonic, seismic and volcanic features and processes.  Historical 

It describes the area that saw the impact of European colonization, slavery, indentureship and the plantation system. This refers to all the territories so that one way of defining the Caribbean is to identify those countries that experienced the rule of specific European countries. Thus the Caribbean may be defined as being broken up into the English, French, Dutch and Spanish speaking countries and territories.  Political 

In the Caribbean at least three types of governmental systems are found. They include Independent States, Associated States and Colonial Dependencies.  
Society is a collection of people occupying a defined geographical area over a long period of time. Society in the Caribbean is often considered the boundaries of a nation state. The sociological understanding of the term society stresses the interaction amongst its members. Culture

Culture is widely regarded as the way of life for a people. It is often defined as the learned behavior of a people. Culture is sub divided into material and non-material cultures. Material culture includes the products of people such as their styles of architecture, types of food preparation, economic organizations and...
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