Caresafe Financial Future

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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CareSafe’s Financial Future

Currently, CareSafe Foster Systems have a good solid budget with a surplus/deficit of $66,800. The problem foreseen is with the group therapy counseling part of the program. The total variable expenses of $488,000 and the revenue amount of $500, 000 leaving Caresafe Foster Systems with a contribution amount of only $12,000. This could become a problem if the expenses increase for some unforeseen reason and the cost per visit remains the same, which would cause the contribution to be lower than $12,000 or no contribution at all. No contribution would put CareSafe group therapy counseling at risk to keep this part of the program available. In the future to prevent this from happening would be to increase the cost per visit of group therapy counseling. Increasing the cost of group therapy counseling would increase the total of revenue minus the total variable expenses would increase CareSafe Foster System contribution for group therapy. Making those changes to the group therapy counseling part of the program would put CareSafe Foster System in a better financial position to continue to provide their clients with the best treatment and services. CareSafe Foster Systems

Overall Budget

Individual Counseling Group Therapy Parent Consultation Home Assessment Total

Number of Visits4000500070007000
Price per Visit1601009055
Total Revenue $ 640,000 $ 500,000 $ 630,000 $ 385,000 $ 2,155,000

Variable Expenses per Visit
Social Worker
minutes per visit55502510
wage per minute $ 1.40 $ 1.40 $ 1.40 $ 1.40
total expense per visit $ 77.00 $ 70.00 $ 35.00 $ 14.00
Administrative Assistant
minutes per visit10151510
wage per minute $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00
total expense per visit $ 10.00 $...
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