Carelessness Causes Accidents

Topics: Tram accident, Barbed wire, Ford F-Series Pages: 4 (1648 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Maggie Scott
Mrs. Elizabeth Walker
English Comp 1
January 31, 2013
Carelessness Causes Accidents
Pulling up in our driveway from winning my first soccer game of the season, my mother and I jumped out of the car to go inside and celebrate the win. As we were walking to unlock the front door, we heard a screeching of tires across the hot pavement of a midsummer’s day. I turned my head to the scene of a fatal accident and screamed. When I witnessed this accident, a memory was created of the scene to remind myself of how reckless driving can hurt yourself and others.

The front of our house consisted of an office building on the bright, sunny north side and our big black, slobbery great dane Molly on the south side. Our driveway was in the middle of the office building and our dog with fresh gravel just laid. The road in front of our house is a windy, snake looking road called County Lane 289 in Carl Junction, MO. The outline of the road consisted of freshly, sharp barbed wire fence on the other side of the road. Enclosed in the barbed wire fence is a wooded area of another house that is about a mile into the woods with a windy, gravel driveway leading up to it.

The sound of screeching tires on the pavement of the road caught my mother and I’s attention. We turned to see what was going on and there was a red ford pickup truck, 2 door and very rusted. The pickup only had enough to seat three people in the front but the people did not abide by that. Four grown adults were crammed in the front of that pickup without seatbelts, two girls and two guys. The bright red, rusty ford pickup didn’t care about how fast they were going. All they cared about was there loud rap music and getting to a party on time. The speed limit around the snake curve is only 40 miles per hour. When I saw them coming up on the curve it looked like they were going about sixty to seventy miles per hour. The driver of the vehicle thought he could handle the curve going that fast but he...
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