Careful You May Run Out of Planet, Signs of Life in Usa

Topics: Station wagon, United States, General Motors Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: November 9, 2011
Values, beliefs, habits, etc. do change from person to person in our culture. But to say there are no social norms completely contradicts the idea behind social norms. Social norms are unwritten rules that everyone in a society lives by. There might not be a reason for the norm, but that’s just how people of this society live. There are many popular social norms in American society. The social norms indicate the established and approved ways of doing things, of dress, of speech and of appearance, however its up to the individual to choose to follow these ‘norms’. That's the freedom that makes America great. Carmakers make SUVs because that's what people want to buy. If you love your SUV then enjoy it, however I recommend you ignore this persuasive and look away, but more importantly ignore David Goewey, author of 1999 award winning term paper “Careful, You May Run Out Of Planet”. The essay spoke about the underlying problems in SUVs that many don’t know about and problems many purposely ignore. David Goewey had also published a book called “Crash Out”, and now is working as a college professor. He intelligently and successfully batters at SUVs and there ‘necessity’ to Americans.

If you do not think SUV propaganda effects the consumer, then ask your self is it just a coincidence that SUVs became trendy after SUV advertising rose nearly nine-fold from $172.5 million in 1990 to $1.5 billion in 2000(Baker 19). Advertisers gear their ads towards their target audiences. There are hundreds of vehicles on the market, what makes SUVs so popular? Its hard and heavy looking design is intimidating to a small little car. For years trucks were predominantly only driven by men, the sports utility vehicle or “SUV” changed America how we knew it. As of 1999 women were 40% responsible of SUV sales. (Storck 79) SUV ads only show women when they’re chauffeuring around their children from school, soccer practice, basically normal driving that is done on paved roads. Otherwise...
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