Careers in Psychology Final Paper

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Career summary: Pediatric Psychology
I am interested in pediatric psychology because I love working with children and adolescence. Being an aunt to two little girls has inspired me to become a pediatric psychologist. I observe their behavior and wonder how their childhood experiences will shape their personality. Will the younger sister follow the steps of the older sister or will she strive to exert her own personality and do everything opposite of her older sister? Did listening to music in the womb cause them to love music now? It’s this curiosity that interests me and I would like to pursue research in this area – what shapes a child’s personality? In pediatric psychology, not only do you get to deal with solving problems in normal behavior, but you also get to look at abnormal behavior. For example, you get to deal children with mental disorders, such as autism or ADHD. It looks at normal and abnormal behaviors in the child and tries to understand what the factors are and what is influencing this type of behavior. If pediatric psychologists could figure out the cause for these illnesses, then there is possibility of curing/reducing these disorders in young children. Psychology - the study of the human mind and behavior - is a general field and it is broken down into different sub-specialties. Pediatric psychology is a subset of psychology. It is the study of mental, emotional, and behavioral development of infants, children, and young adults. Pediatric psychologists focus on the relationship between children and their cognitive, social, and emotional behaviors. According to the Society of Pediatric Psychology, their goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle for children and their families through different methods of psychological techniques. On a day to day basis, pediatric psychologists do the following: study psychosocial development, study learning disabilities (and what environmental factors influence the disorder), and treat patients. They also educate...
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