Careers in Marketing

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Careers in Marketing

Marketing is a lot more than just ads, it is a very important part in an organization; there are a lot of areas in marketing someone can work in. The most important area though, should be you. Before looking for a job, people should have a marketing plan on themselves to know how to “sell” themselves to the companies. Once they do that, everyone will be ready to choose the area they would want to work in. Inside of the marketing field there are a lot of different areas that influence the whole organization and it is always useful despite the field someone is specialized in.

Marketing influences in different ways, it has an important role in an organization. It doesn’t really matter what type of organization we’re dealing with, marketing is always present. Marketing influences in a lot of different ways, for example, starting with personal selling that is everyone and in every single organization; advertising and sales promotion would be another way, with all the competence that is in the world it’s very important that an organization knows how to sell their products, they have to know how to get the people to buy them and not the competence. As well as personal selling, these days the electronic commerce is becoming very popular so the marketers have to worry about new aspects to sell, like creating web pages that are good enough to replace a person selling. In other words, it doesn’t if the organization is of manufacturing, retailing, wholesaling, non-for-profit, etc. marketing will always be needed. I’m studying international business, and I can find marketing very useful for me and for my future jobs. International business, as the name says, it’s about business throughout the world, importing and exporting etc. so, for example, say that I want to launch this new product that is completely produced in Mexico and I want to export it to Canada; besides all the work that I will have to do for the business itself I will have to have an...
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