Careers in Criminal Justice

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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Careers in Criminal Justice
Donald Pecher
CRJ201: Introduction to Criminal Justice
Instructor:  Jodi Levit

There are many different careers in criminal justice; three interesting careers are police officers, game warden, and prison guards. When you look at these three careers they are a lot alike and there are some differences in their duties. Police officers are there to serve and protect are communities; make arrest and make frequent traffic stops. Conservation officers are there to make sure that boaters are safe on the river and protect or wildlife and make sure that animals are not being taken out of season by poachers. Prison guards make sure that he inmates are following the rules set by the prison, make sure that there are no murders in the prison and make sure that the inmates are safe. I will discuss my interest in the careers as well as the details that pertain to each career.

Police officers are in charge of law enforcement. Most police officers face different challenges in their jobs. Police officers write traffic tickets, keep the community safe, deal with drug dealers, domestic battery, murder, and help out with emergency issues in the community. The police departments in our community have joined up and formed a team called trident which is the war on drugs in our community. There are a lot of requirements in order to join this team of officers they must be physical fit, attend more schooling, and attend training camps in order to deal with different types of atmospheres. When you become a police officer you are going to be dealing with a lot of stress and you better know how to deal with it. Stress is a natural component of police work. The American Institute of Stress, based in Yonkers, New York, ranks policing among the top ten stress-producing jobs in the country (Schmalleger, 2011) (pg. 278)

I have done some ride a longs with the officers in our community and have seen a lot of different situations that they...
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