Career: Viscosity and Engineering

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Engineering is the bridge between theory and practicality; engineers turn ideas into reality." This simple reason is why I am so captivated by Engineering. Traces of Engineering's influence can be easily found everywhere, from infrastructures to electronics to aircrafts. I believe that Engineering is the key to solving most of our scientific problems.

During my first year in junior college, I was attached to the Nanyang Technological University to assist the undergraduates there in a Material Engineering project where we were tasked to work on using Non-Newtonian fluid to create a type of body armour. It was my first encounter with Engineering and I was intrigue by how it translates Physics theory into real-life applications. The fact that Engineering combines Physics and Mathematics, the two subjects that had always interest me, to find new solutions to problems only strengthen my interest. I knew then that Engineering was the perfect fit for me and I could not wait to learn more.

By studying Engineering, I too can be a problem solver. Engineering can equip me with analytical skills and methodical thinking techniques which will allow me to transform good ideas into great real-life applications. I hope to follow in the footsteps of notable engineers such as Larry Page and Tony Fadell and make my own contribution in improving the world. I believe the University of Michigan's College of Engineering, where I can learn under and alongside the brightest minds, can help turn my aspirations into a reality. During my first year in junior college, I took part in a Nanyang Technological University project where I worked with a team of undergraduates to research the application of Non-Newtonian fluids in light-weight body armor. Despite my academic interest and strong background in both Mathematics and Physics, it was my first time working on an engineering project.

After studying the theory of the project, we put our hypothesis to the test. Firstly, I had to spend...