Career Study: Dental Assistant

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Table of Contents

Facts and Findings2
Occupational Inventory2
Work environment2
Market trends.3
Personality Fit4
Stress level/mental strains.4
Personality traits recommended/required.4
Personal interests and passions.5
Future Potential5
Continuing education requirements.5
Advancement Opportunities.5

List of Figures
Figure 1 Gender of Dental Assistants3
Figure 2 Current Wages Earned for Dental Assistants3
Figure 3 Estimated Yearly Growth of Dental Assistant Jobs in Alberta4


The career area of dental assistant does, in many ways, relate directly to the skills and knowledge learnt in the Administrative Office Professional program (APRO). Skills such as computer knowledge, bookkeeping, customer service, human relations, reading and writing, verbal communication, and active listening are an essential part of being a dental assistant. APRO students already obtain these skills. This report shows how becoming a dental assistant is a great career choice for APRO students. With only an additional eight to ten months of training, an APRO student could become a dental assistant and earn a great wage, as well as acquire many sought after job perks. Job perks of a dental assistant include Monday to Friday daytime hours, free dental care, monthly or yearly bonuses, and medical benefits. Dental assistants primarily work in dental offices; however, there are jobs available in health care units and hospitals as well. The research that was conducted for this report consists of both primary and secondary sources. The primary research sources include an interview of a local dental assistant, as well as the researcher’s own experience and knowledge. Secondary sources of research include Google searches, ALIS website, STATS Canada, and APRO text books. The three main aspects covered in this report are as follows: 1) Occupational Inventory

a. Work environment
b. Perks
c. Market trends
2) Personality Fit
d. Stress level/mental strains
e. Personality traits recommended/required
3) Future Potential
f. Continuing education requirements
g. Advancement opportunities

Potential Career Choice: Dental Assistant

Weekends off, daytime hours, decent wages, free dental care, medical benefits, and yearly bonuses! These, in many cases, are the perks that career seekers are looking for. Look no further. These, among others, are the perks the career of dental assistant has to offer. One might think that dental assisting has nothing to do with the tasks or skills learnt in the Administrative Office Professional program (APRO); however, there are many duties involved in dental assisting that relate directly to APRO knowledge. Skills such as computer knowledge, bookkeeping, customer service, human relations, reading and writing, verbal communication, and active listening are essential in a dental assisting career. As an APRO student, one obtains those skills. However, an APRO student would need to further their education. A dental assistant training program is needed to pursue a career in dental assisting. This training program would typically only be an additional eight to ten months over and above the APRO program. The APRO program is a good foundation as it gives students many of the basic skills needed to be successful in any program or career area. The dental assistant program differs by educational institution, but for the most part, prerequisites include a 30-level of English (which all APRO students already have), biology, and chemistry. Dental assisting is a very diverse career. One never knows what sort of situation or emergency may arise. For example, an appointment may be as simple as a routine check-up or a filling, and may be as complicated as a tooth breaking off at the gum line during an extraction which can...
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