Career Service Worksheet

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  • Published : February 15, 2012
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Career Service Worksheet
Instructions: This assignment will require you locate your Career Services Department, contact your Career Services Advisor and complete the table provided below.

Comments (Include an overview and reflection of what you learned from the conversation with your Advisor. For example what services are offered and how the services might be of use to you. Please be sure to fully discuss the information your Career Services Advisor provided to you.) Suggested Questions: - What services are provided?

- How long are services available?
- What is the process to receive services?
- What if I do not need assistance now, however I do later?
Reminder: In Week 8 you will need to access the HireDeVry site to upload your resume; be sure to gather the needed credentials to access this system. | You have to see your Career Service Advisor to clear clearances process.Do not have repetition in your resume.A Career Service Advisor critiques your resumes. When preparing your objective make sure that you write what you can contribute to the job.Highlight as much information as you can under professional skills or skills.Do not put references upon request on your resume.Your resume is a document that markets you into obtaining an interview.Do not bold everything on your resume. However you can bold education, job titles, and positions. When bolding your education you can bold either education or the name of the school. Do not bold both education and the name of the school.Do a Thank You letter after every interview after 48 hours.Ask for a business card after an interview if you do not remember the interviewer name.Always send a cover letter with your resume.The services that are provided are working with students that are about to graduate, clear clearance process, critiquing resume, and help graduating students in finding jobs for six months.The services are available for six months.The process to receive services is that you must be a graduate....
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