Career Research Paper

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  • Published : July 25, 2006
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Career Research Paper
Systems Analyst

In today's job world the increase and rapid spread of computers and information technology makes it necessary to employ individuals who can understand these technologies. In this technological there are so many aspects as to how a computer functions, and how it needs to be repaired or constructed. This introduces various occupations. The career that I am looking into requires workers who can design and develop new hardware, software, and technologies for companies.

In being a systems analyst, one must do research, that helps to enable technology to meet the standards of an organization, and to have an understanding of the capabilities of a company's equipment. Systems analysts must also do analysis' to find requirements, procedures, information, databases, and problems. They are able to design new systems, while preparing specifications for computer programmers. They also determine setup needs in a computer, and then apply new systems into computers. Systems analyst is also trained to diagnose and solve problems through recommendations or providing solutions. Aside from problems solving, Systems analysts can also modify systems to expand to other areas, which will then improve production and work flow. Lastly, systems analysts are most often able to supervise or help computer programmers. Other occupations related or similar to systems analysis are computer programming, computer software engineering, computer & information systems management, financial analysts, operations research analysts, and computer security specialists are just a few of many other occupations. These occupations may have to do tasks that are similar to that of a systems analyst.

To enter a career in systems analysis, one must have a formal college education, whether it is at a two-year, four-year, or graduate school. Degrees in computer science, information systems, management information systems, business administration, data...
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