Career Research

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Kari Patterson
English hr. 5
Career Research

Career Research Report

I remember, as a kid, never wanting to grow up. I always wanted to go elementary school, play with dolls, and have little responsibility. When you get to middle school, you all of a sudden have a ton of responsibility. Some of us could handle it and others couldn’t. I really do believe that I handled it well. Now, in high school, you don’t have a choice but to handle it. You can do nothing but accept that you are going to have to grow up, and, for some, you already have. Growing up may simply mean graduating high school then go with the flow. To others, it is getting married and having kids. My concept of “growing up” is graduating high school as valedictorian, attending college with all the scholarship money I have worked so hard for, and getting a well-paying, secure job in a good town. I know that other events will come along the way, but focusing on my career has to come first.

The search for a career can be confusing, tough, frustrating, or fun. I have found it to be a little of everything. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a pilot. Not your average, commercial pilot, but an Air Force fighter pilot. (Quite frankly, I have always been terrified of big airliners, like 747’s. They seem much more dangerous to me then F-16s!) Everything about a fighter pilot interests me; their quick-thinking, their honor, their respect. I wanted every bit of that. Unfortunately, reality decided to get involved with my dream. X-rays have shown that I am done growing. I am just barely five foot… Air Force rules and regulations require pilots to be at least 5’2’’. I repeatedly found myself thinking, “What now?”. With my dream job out of the picture, I came to realize that there are so many other options out there. I soon decided that I would pursue a career in Law Enforcement. My top choices: Police Officer or Criminal Attorney. These two careers, although lacking an airplane,...
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