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Have you ever had kids around to have to explain maybe a difficult or even rather simple thing? Have you ever been quite good at doing that? Well I have and that’s why i would like to be a teacher. I want to start out as a kindergarten teacher and then also still go to college and become a math teacher. I would like to start in kindergarten because I love little kids and also if I started out in high school that young I’m relatively close to the students I’m teaching ages and that gives them the thought of that they are equal to me and don’t have to listen. This report shows the ups and downs of teaching and why it would be good career for me. A teacher’s environment is a pretty good one. Like almost any career you have you pros and cons. Teachers mostly work inside the school but when it comes to grading papers they may do that at home also although that is not counted as any over time. Most teachers come in 30 minutes to an hour before school starts and stay till 15-30 minutes after school but may choose to stay later because of tutoring grading etc. The emotional environment can be intense though especially in high school because kids are brutal and don’t care what others really think or do and try to be cool about it but the thing about a teacher is you need backbone and be able to let things role off your back and keep your cool in front of your class. (Mrs.Brown -Biology teacher-Choctawhatchee High School)

To be a teacher in Florida you must have at least your 4-years Bachelor’s degree if you want to teach elementary if you choose middle or high school you still only need the bachelor’s degree but you must major in the subject that you want to teach. Now when it comes to your teaching license every state may have different requirements so if you travel or have to move you would have to retake a test for every state due to different credits needed wherever you go. I would like to be a teacher where I am able to teach all around the...
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