Career Prospects

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Career prospects

1. Before you strike off in pursuit of a career that really lights your fire, take some time to do some serious self-exploration. Make a list of all things in your life that you have really enjoyed. It could be work or play, an event, or a period of time in your life. Pick one and start digging into reasons why. Get beyond what you love doing, and break it down into the underlying characteristics. Think of it as identifying your passion's building blocks.

Once you have a picture of what lights your fire, brainstorm ways you could incorporate them into your life. Write them down in one session or tuck the question in the back of your mind and carry a small pad of paper with you to record your flashes of inspiration. Have a brainstorming session with friends. Above all, be creative. Don't confine yourself to the logical and rational. You never know what crazy idea is going to spark the Big One.

Once you have identified some things you think you might be interested in, identify people who are knowledgeable in those areas and contact them. Explain that you are exploring your options and ask if you can pick their brains. You'll get some fantastic insights if you make this a habit, not to mention making some great contacts along the way.

2. Work is part of human life. Most people spend 8-9 hours a day working to make enough money for food, rest, shelter, education and traveling. But a job can offer more than financial security. It provides people with aims and goals. The job should be interesting. An exiting job is an important component of a happy life. It can fill people with self-confidence and satisfaction. It is an opportunity for creativity and personal development. A creative job gives a great sense of achievement as it turns ideas into a reality.

But a good job means different things for different people. To begin with, it depends a lot on the personality. A lot of people do routine jobs day by day and view a change as a...
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