Career Profile Packet

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Career Profile Packet
Assignment Due: TBD
Paper, presentation (printed form required)
No late assignments will be accepted, no exceptions. E-mail versions will not be accepted. Please prepare for the unexpected. Back up, back up, back up your work. Format:
APA Style
Double Spaced, 1” Margin all the way around.
Cover Page
Reference Page
2-3 group members 6 pages minimum
4 group members 8 pages minimum

Content of paper.* Remember, it is a packet and not just a paper. Include any handouts, information on the career you are profiling. For example: Job Descriptions, Job Announcements, Articles on the chosen career path etc. This is your final project (Final Exam) and should be complete and thorough. When including the required information do not just do the bare minimum. Job duties and responsibilities may only account for two of the ten or three of the twelve required pages. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be graded. Take advantage of the resources available to you, such as the Writing Center. Use of sound bytes from the Informational Interviews, are required if you are attempting to earn an A on this project. Remember average work receives an average grade (C), above average work will receive an above average grade (B) and exceptional work will receive an exceptional grade (A). Papers and presentations with spelling and grammatical errors will not have earned an (A) grade. Presentations that do not flow and seemed unrehearsed will also not earn an (A) grade. All members of the group must present; make sure all group members are prepared. When putting together your PowerPoint presentation utilize the multi-media studio lab located in the Main Library. Technology must be working on the day of your presentation. As we all know and have experienced things do come up, so be prepared and have a backup plan. * A career profile package needs to be developed, submitted and presented in class. The following information should be...
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